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(Sweatpants and warm bev not included.)


Ritual & Smoke

Are you ready to See beyond the veil?

As the daylights wanes and we spiral toward Samhain, the Veil that separates this world from the Otherworld is thin. So thin, that it’s as though we can reach right through to our Ancestors, to the Plant Spirits, to the Guides.

Smoke magic is the most effective way of reaching past the Veil, of transcending time and space, of altering our perception.

In this course, you will learn all about smoking and burning herbs for ceremony, sacred clearing, and energetic transformation. You will learn about herbal powders and spellcraft, strewing, witchy incense, and fumigation. You will learn personal ritual and how to connect deeply with a plant ally.

This 6-week course begins on October 18th.

It will be mystical, provocative, and oh-so-fragrant.

Isn’t nettle extraordinary?

Isn’t nettle extraordinary?