Locust Light Farm
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Welcome to the garden.

Beauty itself is healing.

let me guide you on your journey as you deepen your relationship with plants

and the magic of the natural world.


can you feel it?

The plant world glimmers around you.

Pulling you, calling to you, embracing you with fragrance, beauty, and medicine. The plants are here, in every corner of the earth, in your life, in your heart. They are waiting for you. All you need to do is begin.


Speak with the plants

It’s easier than you think.


Where to begin?

Locust Light is an invitation to the world of plant magic. We seek to be a portal, a gateway to a realm in which the plant world feels as intimate and familiar as a gathering of close friends.

From hands-on herbal medicine classes to seasonal rituals, we create the space for you to have your own experience with the plants: up close, intricately crafted, and uniquely personal.

Using a pendulum online herbalism and witchcraft lasses

ONline Learning

herbalism classes on the farm central NJ

On-Farm learning

smoking a pipe herbal smoking herbs

Herbal smoking




I’ve learned so much that I can apply in my daily life, but more than anything, I feel a deep sense of community with Amanda and my classmates. Knowing that I had this one thing each week to look forward to, to take time just for me, to connect with the garden and be with like-minded people, has been amazing.

I think what I enjoyed most is Amanda’s overall approach. Her teaching style of blending evidence-based information and factual knowledge of plants with encouragement to connect with the metaphysical elements of the plants really resonated with me. I loved that we were encouraged to learn the known factors about the plants, but also to trust our own intuition and to approach herbalism on a personal level.
— Tammi S.
Locust Light is my happy place. I love coming here each week.
— Chanel F.
I became more aware of how powerful plant medicine is as well as working intuitively with the plants.

Her teaching works well for many learning types which I found very helpful. You can tell she is truly excited to share knowledge and encourage others to find their own power in a world where we can feel so helpless sometimes. Make your medicine!
— Shana C.
If you haven’t heard of Locust Light you need to check it out. Amanda is one of the smartest herbal teachers I have met. If you want to take a moment out of time and learn some new things about herbs that you will carry with you forever try a class at Locust Light.
— Lace E.



When you step into our garden or enter our online space, you will be treated with kindness, empathy, and respect for your personhood.

We hold plants, animals, and the unseen beings in a light of respect and wonder. We ask permission. We offer gratitude.

We are also a goofy, silly bunch of folks who talk to gnomes and love things that taste good.

Catch our vibe.

About Me

MY NAME IS Amanda.

I am an herbalist, plant witch, gardener, poet, and bev master.

I believe that ritual can change your life — and the world. I believe that all words are spells and that plants are our greatest allies. I am always planning my next delicious bev and scheming ways to sleep in.

I envision a world in which we heal ourselves with plants and work through the centuries of trauma that we’ve inherited. I know that plants are right here beside us, lending their wisdom and medicine.

All we have to do is ask.

Amanda Midkiff harvesting herbs in her herb garden at Locust Light Farm.

Open afresh your round of starry folds, 

ye ardent marigolds!

For what has made the sage or poet write

But the fair paradise of Nature’s light?

In the calm grandeur of a sober line, 

We see the waving of the mountain pine; 

And when a tale is beautifully staid, 

We feel the safety of a hawthorn glade:

When it is moving on luxurious wings, 

The soul is lost in pleasant smotherings:

Fair dewy roses brush against our faces,

And flowering laurels spring from diamond vases; 

O’erhead we see the jasmine and sweetbriar,

And bloomy grapes laughing from green attire; 

While at our feet, the voice of crystal bubbles

Charms us at once away from all our troubles:

So that we feel uplifted from the world,

Walking upon the white clouds wreath’d and curl’d.

— John Keats



We honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year with seasonal ritual, both on the farm and through our online offerings.



Glass Blown Heart

All people are joyfully and heartfully invited to participate in Locust Light classes and events.  People of all racial identities, gender identities, national or ethnic origins, ancestries, ages, religions or religious creeds, abilities, sexual orientations, skin colors, and body sizes are welcomed. We ask that you come with an open heart, willing to be respectful that while we are all ONE we are not all the same. 

We do our best to honor all religions and respect one’s freedom to worship, as you will. However, there is a particular emphasis on the the Earth as a living being. Please know that we feel there are many paths to ‘Great Spirit’ who goes by many names.

We respectfully acknowledge that Locust Light is on the ancestral and seized land of the Lenape people, who have stewarded it throughout the generations.  We pay our respects to elders both past and present.


Practical Herbalism.jpg

This hands-on series gets you in the kitchen and out in the garden: harvesting, identifying, smelling, tasting, and making magic with herbs!

Herbalism is true grassroots, for-the-people medicine. It is available and accessible to all. My goal is to empower you to make healing herbal medicine for yourself and your family, while imbuing you with the joy that comes from knowing these amazing, powerful herbs.

Practical Herbalism is designed to give you practical tools for staying healthy and empower you to use herbs for your wellness needs.