The June Wellness Share

The June Wellness Share


Welcome to the first share of the season! We are so very excited to be kicking off the season, and we hope that you are, too! Summer has fully arrived here at Locust Light, with the weeds growing as vigorously as the herbs. We are thrilled at how many herbs are ready to harvest so early in the season. This is the joy of a second-year herb farm: the perennials are coming back with enthusiasm, and they are blessing us with their bounty.

This share is designed with early summer in mind. There are herbs to help with allergies, detoxifying, and the bumps & bruises that can result from spending more time outdoors.

Just a reminder, if you would like more than four items, CSW members can purchase any items from LL at a discounted price using the “Additional CSW Member Item” button in our store. If you let us know, we can include the extra item with your share.


Happy June!

Amanda, Jamie & the Locust Light Family


The Share


Choose 4 of the following items:


Allergy Ease Tea

A blend of nettle, goldenrod, spearmint and white yarrow.

This tea will help to prevent allergies while easing allergy symptoms.


Steep in hot water for 10-15 minutes, or ideally for a few hours. Drink 2-4 cups per day for maximum allergy prevention.


Spring Tonic Tea

A blend of violet leaf and flower, dandelion leaf and flower, nettle, and peppermint

This tea is cleansing to your lymphatic system, stimulating to the liver and kidneys, and cleansing to your blood. It is the perfect tea to support detoxifying and easing into a healthy summer.


Steep in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Drink 1-4 cups daily. If the dandelion is too bitter, add some honey.


Allergy Ease Tincture

Extracts of nettle, goldenrod, and white yarrow; vodka

Like its water-infused counterpart, this tincture will both prevent allergies and help with symptoms. Unlike the tea, it is highly portable and easy to use the moment you feel allergies begin.


Place 1-2 droppersfull (30-60 drops or 1-2 tsp.) in a little bit of water and drink in one fast gulp. Take as often as needed.


Nettle Tincture

A blend of fresh & dried nettle, extracted into vodka.

To me, nettle is the most important tincture to have on hand. It’s great for muscle cramps and menstrual cramps, allergies, joint inflammation, immune support, hair & skin health, and so much more. It’s like taking a daily green vitamin.


Take 30-60 drops in a little water as needed. This is a great tincture to take daily.


Vitality Elixir

A blend of angelica root, dandelion root, white yarrow, cinnamon, clove, and honey, extracted into vodka

This elixir is detox-cleansing-bitter-liver support blended to actually be delicious when dropped straight onto the tongue (or into a little bourbon…). The herbs support your organs of purification and are cleansing to the blood. A great option for detoxifying, or to enjoy as bitters after a heavy meal.


Place a few drops directly onto your tongue, or into a drink.


Balm Set: Heal-All Balm & Bug Bite Balm

Heal-All Balm

A blend of plantain leaf, comfrey, calendula, and white yarrow infused into organic canola oil and thickened with beeswax, accented with the smallest bit of lavender essential oil.

This balm is healing to all manner of skin irritations, including cuts, scrapes, bites, rashes, splinters, hangnails, blisters, and more! It’s an essential for your herbal first aid kit. Plantain is anti-septic and styptic, comfrey and calendula speed healing, and white yarrow is styptic and healing.


With clean fingers, apply to wounded area.


Bug Bite Balm

A blend of plantain leaf and white yarrow, infused into organic canola oil and thickened with beeswax.

This balm contains plantain leaf and white yarrow, two of the best herbal bug bite antidotes. The herbs are anti-inflammatory and astringent, cutting down on inflammation in the bite area.


Apply to insect bites. Try not to itch.


Lymphatic Detox Massage Oil

(Breast Massage Oil)

A blend of dandelion leaf and flower, violet leaf and flower, poke root and cleavers, infused into organic canola oil, thickened with beeswax, and scented with essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, sweet orange, and eucalyptus.

I feel very strongly that massage and stretching of the lymphatic areas, particularly under the arms and around the breasts, is a key part of preventative healthcare, especially for women. Both toxic and energetic congestion can build up in the lymphatic system, and it causes all sorts of problems. Dandelion, violet, and poke root are the primary herbs for lymphatic detoxification and tumor prevention. Poke is an especially powerful herb, and I am thrilled to be able to offer it to you. This oil can also be used topically for cysts or lumps.


Massage in a circular motion into the underarms and pectoral muscles. This should be done at least three times weekly.

For a daily/weekly breast massage: Apply oil to the breasts. Take the left breast in the left hand and the right breast in the right hand. Move breasts in a clockwise motion for at least a minute, then switch directions. This is nice to do while reciting a mantra or positive affirmation.