The Wonders of Smoking Herbs

Our TRANSPORT smoking blend, posing with my Uncle Ed's homemade corn cob pipe, circa 1971.

Our TRANSPORT smoking blend, posing with my Uncle Ed's homemade corn cob pipe, circa 1971.

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When I tell people that I make herbal smoking blends, they are either thrilled or confused. The thrilled folks are usually smokers of some variety who are excited to try something new; the confused ones are concerned that smoking is at odds with holistic wellness. I would never suggest smoking to someone who was not comfortable with it, but I would also not support the idea that smoking, categorically, is at odds with wellness.

       Inhaling large amounts of smoke on a regular basis will tax the lungs and impart a high amount of the substance directly into the bloodstream. If the substance is of a less-than-helpful nature, this will lead to an imbalance in the body. If smoking is done mindlessly and in excess, it will lead to an imbalance in the body (as will eating ice cream, or staring at a screen, questioning human existence, etc.).

       Smoking is a powerful act. The plants that we commonly smoke are powerful teacher plants, or “Master” plants. Tobacco, for instance, is a very powerful teacher plant, one that native peoples (or, more accurately, native men) used to connect with each other and with Spirit, in a divine sort of way. Because it is such a powerful plant, excessive, mindless use will be harmful. (Not to mention modern agricultural and processing techniques.) Tobacco can be used rarely, mindfully, and in sacred ceremony in a way that is healthy and life-giving.

       Smoking is a way of using herbs that channels the air element. Air is connected with Spirit, mystery, emotions, and intuition. Smoking gives us a direct connection with the plants. It invites magic. It invites connection. Smoking is a precious part of ceremony. It is a lovely way to bind friends, or to invite people into your circle of friendship. Smoking creates bonds. It also creates an atmosphere of calmness, listening, and presence. Smoking sets the scene for mindful listening to oneself and the gentle sounds of mystery moving around you.

       Smoking herbal blends can become a lovely part of life. It is nice to do after a meal, with friends or loved ones. Certain blends may be more calming, inspiring, or flavorful. Choose the right blend to support the atmosphere. As always, practice mindfulness, and respect the herbs.

Where does your spirit wish to go?

Where does your spirit wish to go?

I've had the pleasure of learning to blend sacred herbal smoking blends. These are my favorite of all the products that we make and sell. I enjoy crafting them, using them, and sharing them with friends.

Our TRANSPORT Smoking Blend is crafted from herbs traditionally used to connect: Mugwort is smoked or burned to get into a deep meditative or trance state. Motherwort is smoked for astral projectioning. Mexican Tarragon was used by native peoples for ceremonial purposes, and Catnip helps to calm you to a state of greater receptivity. 



Check out that gorgeous texture...

Check out that gorgeous texture...

Our SOOTHE Smoking Blend is designed to infuse your entire being with a sense of calm. Mullein & marshmallow are soothing to the lungs and mucous membranes; lavender is calming while also bringing joy; hops helps to quiet cyclical thinking; California poppy eases anxiety and muscle tension, and catnip, again, will help you to feel more open and expansive.

SOOTHE is a bit more floral in flavor; TRANSPORT is more green and refreshing.

I heartily invite you to try one of our sacred herbal smoking blends. You won't be disappointed.

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How to Smoke Herbs

To pack a pipe, place herbs in the pipe and pack down the bottom layer. Pack the middle layer a moderate amount, and leave the top layer loose. It may take a few times to pack the pipe so that it stays lit. Herbs tend to not stay lit as nicely as tobacco; I’ve surrendered to lighting the pipe each time I draw. When smoking herbs, I recommend lighting the herbs with a match. Light the match, let the sulfur burn off, then bring the match to the herbs and inhale for a moment until the herbs are lit. You can hold the smoke in your mouth or inhale it into your lungs. 

You can also roll herbs into an herbal cigarette using rolling papers. 

Hand lighting corncob pipe smoking herbs rainy background smoke