The June Decadence Share

The June Decadence Share

Beauty itself is healing.


Welcome to the first share of the summer! We are very excited to be kicking off the season, and we hope that you are, too! Summer has fully arrived here at Locust Light, with the weeds growing as vigorously as the herbs. We are thrilled at how many herbs are ready to harvest so early in the season. This is the joy of a second-year herb farm: the perennials are coming back with enthusiasm, and they are blessing us with their bounty.

This share features some of our favorite products. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

With love,

Amanda, Jamie & the Locust Light Family


Crème de Menthe

Fresh peppermint, infused into vodka and sweetened with raw cane sugar

I am quite excited to offer this to you. It is refreshing and delicious, yummy in a cocktail, smoothie, sundae, and so much more.


Add to cocktails, desserts, smoothies – anything you like! The liqueur will keep for 2 months outside of the refrigerator; refrigerate if you’d like to keep it for more than 2 months.  


Grace Yourself Facial Mist

This mist contains flower essences of pink yarrow (for healthy boundaries), hydrangea (for gentle processing of traumatic events) and sunflower (for courage and self-esteem) as well as essential oils of atlas cedar, peppermint, and rose geranium.

This mist is designed to spray on your face when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or that your boundaries are being invaded in any way. It is lovely, uplifting, and refreshing.


Close your eyes. Then spray on your face, in a room, anywhere you like.




Working Hands Healing Salve

A blend of chamomile, comfrey, calendula and nettle, infused into organic canola oil and thickened with beeswax, scented with essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, sweet orange, and eucalyptus.

This salve features chamomile, which is soothing to inflamed, chapped hands. Comfrey and calendula are supremely healing to the skin, and nettle is nourishing.


Massage into dry hands or skin. Enjoy.