Host a Herbal Workshop!

Would you like to learn more about herbal medicine? Are you interested in learning to craft your own herbal remedies? Want to reclaim your wellness and health? 

A freshly set horehound infusion.

A freshly set horehound infusion.

Our Custom Workshops

Our workshops blend our intimate knowledge of the plants with classic herbal techniques and uses.  

  • Learn to make medicinally potent infusions, tinctures, massage oils, and more!
  • Feel empowered to incorporate herbs in your daily life.
  • Learn to create meaningful personal rituals 
  • Sample yummy teas, and make your own products to take home!
  • We supply everything, including herbs from the farm.
  • Sample topics include: Introduction to Using Herbs as Medicine, Make Your own Herbal Massage Oil, How to Take an Herbal Bath, the Ancient Art of Tea Blending, Using Herbs in Ceremony, Herbs for Anxiety & Stress, Growing Medicinal Plants, and more!
  • Workshops are best with 5-12 people. Prices vary depending on supplies used: typically range from $20-45 per person. Workshops are usually 2-3 hours long. 

We believe in the power and utility of plants for our health and wellness. We seek to empower you to work with these amazing plants, help you identify them, prepare them, better understand them, and use them. Your workshop can be seasonally appropriate, tailored to specific interests or usages, and focused on any particular treatments. 

Workshops can be held at your location or on the farm. We offer workshops in our gardens and indoors as well.

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