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Herbs for Spring Detox at Stockton Market

Allium Gone to Seed

Our bodies begin to wake up in the spring just as the earth does. After a long winter, our internal organs and body systems kick into higher gear and are ready to cleanse. Our bodies are connected to the earth in this way, and the plants that first appear are supportive of this cleansing process.

The earth provides beautiful plants to support our body during this seasonal shift. We will explore the healing powers of dandelion, violet, nettle, and burdock root, all of which are plentiful at this time of year. We will learn about the liver's role in detoxifying and how to support that crucial function. And we will learn about the healing power of the bitter flavor, sample herbal bitters, and learn how to make them at home.

This is a demonstration class but samples and handouts will be provided.

$35 advance
$40 at the door

Space for this event is limited, please register online to reserve your spot.

This class is hosted by The Alchemist’s Kitchen at Stockton Market.