A Poem for Solstice

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How do you mark the seasons?

I have slowly (over a period of years) been writing a villanelle for each month. I love honing in on the energy of the month, the sounds, the textures, and crafting it into a cyclical, rhyming poem. Working within one of the most strict structures (repeating lines as well as rhymes) feels like a puzzle to me.

My birthday is in December, so I feel like a true child of the winter (or “charcoal soul” as I like to say). As I shifted my life to working outdoors, I have come to love this time of year even more because it means that my outdoor, intense work will slow to indoor, lighter work of writing and planning. It’s a true winter’s rest.

I offer to you my December Villanelle, a poem for Solstice Season.

I shut the door and go within

to feel the coil wind internal.

Tell me, where does Self begin?

Sunlight wanes to waxing yin,

Winter grants our time hibernal.

I shut the door and go within.

The dark expands, the slow sets in:

our waking hours feel nocturnal.

Tell me, where does Time begin?

I crave the slow to calm the din,

the rush brought forth from brightness vernal.

I shut the door and go within.

Warm tea, a shawl, some floor cushions,

crystals, candles, and my journal — 

Tell me, where does Truth begin?

The snow that falls I greet as kin.

The seasons’ cycle sings eternal.

I shut the door and go within:

this is where my Self begins.

—Amanda Midkiff, December 2016

How do you embrace this time of year?

However you honor Solstice, I wish you a magical, reflective and restful season.

Ever onward,


P.S. If you’re looking for guidance or ways to embrace Solstice Season, check out our online course here.

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