"Herbal Magic" our extra-special herbal rap

John and I performing "Herbal Magic," a plant magic version of B.o.B's "Magic." This was at the Roots to River/Farm Cooking School/Locust Light Farm Homestead Fest. October 2018. The lyrics I wrote were closely adapted from B.o.B.'s original lyrics. Visit www.locustlightfarm.com for the full story.

I’ve long loved the song “Magic” by B.o.B feat. Rivers Cuomo (listen here.) When ever it comes on, I keep it on repeat for an embarrassing amount of time. One night, while driving home in an endless cycle of B.o.B. bragging about his skills, I thought, “What if I write a song bragging about my herbal skills?” One long lunch break later, and “Herbal Magic” was born. I hope you all enjoy it. Maybe John and I can do another performance in which he remembers his lines and I sing in tune with him :P

ALSO this is the debut of LL’s YouTube channel! I’ve got big plans for it, so stay tuned.

Ever onward,


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Amanda Midkiff Herbal Rap