Plant allies.png

 This summer, we're going into the garden.

And we're staying there.

We're staying there to listen to plants. We're staying there to smell their fragrance and stroke their leaves. We're making fresh tea, right in the garden. And sipping it. Right next to the plant whose leaves (or flowers) are in our teapot. 

We're staying in the garden, because --  how can you truly explore herbalism without getting to know the plants themselves?

I love sitting in the classroom and chatting about herbal constituents and body systems and how to make various remedies. I love it. 

But do you ever wonder how people figured all that stuff out to begin with? 

I'll give you a hint: it wasn't trial and error. 

From our beginnings as human-herbalists, we have learned plant medicine directly from the plants themselves. 

This means communication. It means asking the plants and hearing a response. It means mutual relationship. It means reciprocity. 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do that? 

Have you wanted to be that person who gets "messages" from plants? 

What about the person whose plant-intuition is spot-on, whether it's with tending houseplants or choosing a particular tea for an illness?

You can be that person.

It's easier than you think. But it takes practice. And it takes staying.

I've crafted the Plant Allies series to introduce you to the many ways that humans connect with plants on this deep level. The classes will be joyful, relaxing, and completely magical. 

I’ve chosen plants whose personalities are especially fun & intriguing (ok, the plants had a say in the matter, too.)

You can take individual classes or sign up for the whole series.

And, here's a really exciting part: they'll run on both Monday nights and Saturday afternoons, so you can join in even if you live a bit further away. 


Monday nights Plant Allies Class Schedule:

6/3: Rose Medicine

6/10: Lady’s Mantle Medicine

6/17 *no class*

6/24: White Yarrow Medicine

7/1 *no class*

7/8: Tulsi Medicine

7/15: Calendula Medicine

7/22: Comfrey Medicine

7/29 *no class*

8/5: White Sage Medicine

8/19: Horehound Medicine

9/2: Hops Medicine

9/9 Marshmallow Medicine

9/16: Wild Asters Medicine

9/30: Goldenrod Medicine

Saturday afternoons Plant Allies Class Schedule:

6/15: Rose Medicine

6/29: White Yarrow Medicine

7/6: Lady’s Mantle Medicine

7/13: Comfrey Medicine

8/3: Calendula Medicine

8/17 White Sage Medicine

8/24: Tulsi Medicine

8/19: Horehound Medicine

8/31: Hops Medicine

9/13: Wild Asters Medicine

9/21: Goldenrod Medicine