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Herbs for Immune Support at Stockton Market

Blooming Calendula Dandelion Tea

Winter is notorious for cold, flu, and many ailments that take a toll on our immune system. Fortunately, there are many herbs that can support our immune system, helping to prevent illness and heal when sickness sets in. 

In this class we will study herbs for cold & flu and preventative immune support. We will also explore herbs that can help alleviate the symptoms that accompany cold and flu. We'll learn how to properly use Echinacea (and why it often doesn't work) and I'll show you which herbs in your spice cabinet are best when you can feel sickness setting in. We learn how to make and use herbal tinctures, a powerful healing remedy.

This is a demonstration class, but samples and a handout will be provided.

$35 advance
$40 at the door

Space for this event is limited, please register online to reserve your spot.

This class is hosted by The Alchemist’s Kitchen at Stockton Market.