Nettle is my go-to infusion

Nettle is my go-to infusion


the 5-step guide to making tea like a plant witch

Welcome to BREW!

Gather some herbs, rummage through your tea cupboard, select a mug, and put on a pot of water. You’re about to take your tea-making to the next level.


Step 1

Tea Making: the not-so-Basics

  • Learn how to work with fresh, dried, and looseleaf herbs

  • Explore different steeping techniques

  • Make a hot and cold infusion


Step 2

Be picky about the process

  • Add “layers” to the tea-making to enhance the magic

  • Select herbs, cups, and tools with care

  • Incorporate numerology and astrology into the tea


Step 3

Infuse your intention

  • Take 3 deeps breaths to slow down

  • Energetically infuse your tea with your intention

  • Sip mindfully


Step 4

Tea in a ritual

  • Learn different ways to incorporate tea into a ritual

  • To prepare you for the ritual

  • To consummate the work you do

  • To help you assimilate the effects of the work


Step 5

Follow-Through is key

  • Don’t cut your ritual short!

  • Finish your ritual with care

  • Offer gratitude to the plants and the earth


What’s Next?

Want to Keep making plant magic?

Eager to deepen your relationship with plants?

Want to expand your potion-making abilities?

Want to step into your power as a plant witch?

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m launching a 5-week online course to guide you on your journey.

It’s called Ritual & Potion, and it begins on August 19th!

Explore ritual & potion here.