Smoking Mugwort: Dance with the Divine Feminine

Japanese Mugwort  (Artemisia princeps)  thriving in the garden

Japanese Mugwort (Artemisia princeps) thriving in the garden

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is an herb that has gained notice in recent years. She has been showing up on roadsides, garden edges, and farms. She’s everywhere, spreading by runner and by seed, unstoppable.

There’s a theory in herbalism: if an herb shows up in your space, it means you need it. This works on the collective level as well as the personal. Well. Mugwort is an herb very connected to the Divine Feminine, to lunar and cyclical energy. Personally, I feel like we collectively need a flood of Divine Feminine energy, now and always, but especially right now.

Mugwort is an herb that helps us feel peace in the cyclical aspect of life and nature. She is here to help you when you’re ready to complete a cycle or phase and move into a new one. She helps you to feel the truth of a cycle: that life keeps moving through phases of “new - normal - old” and that “normal” or “steady” is an illusion — we are never still. If we are not changing, we are dead. This is a true lesson of the Divine Feminine.

If you’re going to forage or wildcraft mugwort, you can do so freely, knowing that you’re not putting her population at risk. She’s great for both burning and smoking.

Mugwort leaves are soft and silvery. They burn well. Mugwort can easily be smoked on her own. She has a lightly floral, bitter flavor. Mugwort can give some folks lucid dreams, and it is a go-to herb for people who are actively trying to have more vivid or lucid dreams.

Enjoy dried mugwort leaves in your next herbal cigarette or pipe smoking session, and feel yourself dancing with the spirit of the Divine Feminine.


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