How to Love Limbo


A Guide.


1. Rename and Reframe

From now on, you're not being suspended in the uncertainty of limbo. You are occupying liminal time. This time is a gift, a sacred pause in which transformation and healing can occur. With a bit of mindfulness, this time can bring the clarity you've been seeking.


2. Reflect

Now that you're beautifully paused, this is a good time to ask yourself about the phase you're leaving. (Journalling is a great tool.)

Where are you coming from?

What were your strongest lessons?

What do you want to leave behind you?


3. Look Forward

Where are you headed in this next phase? 

What are you looking forward to?

What are your fears or insecurities? How can you address them?

Where can you draw upon support as you'll need it?

How do you want to grow in this next phase?


4. Find the Magic

What is unique about this time?

What can you enjoy now that you weren't able to enjoy in the past?

How are you responding to this liminal time?

In what ways can you be more gracious to yourself?


I wish you all the healing and clarity you need as you embark on this new journey.