April Decadence Share

The April Decadence Share

Beauty itself is healing.


April has arrived! As spring comes and goes and comes again, we’re excited to send you herbs to support the seasonal transition. The body oil is one of our favorite products: once you see how your skin glows and stays moisturized, you may never want to use lotion again. The Elixir is a yummy way to give your liver and kidneys a boost during your body’s “spring cleaning” time, and the salts are a yummy way to sneak more herbal goodness into your life and will have you dreaming of the green bounty soon to come.

With gratitude,

Amanda, Jamie, & the Locust Light Family



Radiance Moisturizing Body Oil

Canola oil infused with nettle, comfrey, calendula, and chamomile blended with essential oils of rose geranium and atlas cedar.

This body oil will leave your skin radiant and healthy. Nettle is nourishing to the skin, comfrey and calendula will heal & rejuvenate, and chamomile soothes.


Massage into skin after bathing or whenever in need of moisturizing. Herbal body oils are an excellent tool for mindfulness and self-love: as you spread the oil into your skin, smile and appreciate yourself.


Savory Salts

Sea salt blended with sage, thyme, and rosemary

A savory herbal salt to add extra flavor to any dish.


Use as a rub, a marinade, or in any savory dish.





Vitality Elixir

An extraction of angelica root, dandelion root & white yarrow blended with cinnamon, clove, and honey

These tonic roots will support your body as it cleanses after winter, helping to detoxify and bring balance to your systems. White yarrow is a tonic for the blood and blood pressure, supporting your daily health. The warming spices will give you a nice boost.


Shake before using. Drop the elixir directly on your tongue, or add to your favorite beverage. The elixir is particularly delicious in cocktails (use as you would use bitters).