TRANSPORT Herbal Smoking Blend

TRANSPORT Herbal Smoking Blend


This smoking blend will carry your spirit to greater connectivity. It is designed for use in ritual or sacred ceremony, whether that means taking a moment to be present in your day or sitting in sacred ceremony with others. TRANSPORT is an excellent complement to any meditative practice. Its flavor is herbal, grassy, sweet, and minty.

Smoking is a beautiful way of connecting, communing, and healing. It instructs us in the ways of the air element, expansion, and ethereal knowing. Smoke with mindfulness. Smoke with ceremony. Smoke with appreciation.

We have crafted this blend with love in a peaceful environment.

Marshmallow and Mullein are soothing to your mucous membranes and supportive of overall lung health. They are in this blend to provide a healthy base for the other herbs, and to support your lungs as you smoke.

Motherwort has been traditionally smoked to aid in astral projectioning. It helps to carry your spirit to new heights. 

Japanese Mugwort connects us to the healing energy of the moon and the Divine Feminine.

Mexican Tarragon is a traditional ceremonial herb in the Southwest. 

Spearmint is at once stimulating and relaxing and lends a minty flavor that complements the tarragon.

Catnip is extremely calming and helps to unwind your mind.

Enjoy in a pipe or rolled in a cigarette. Smoke by itself or combine with tobacco, etc.

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