Herbal Burning Bundles

Herbal Burning Bundles


The burning bundles are designed for use in ceremony, ritual, or meditation. Burn to create an expansive, transcendent atmosphere. The fragrance is herbal, grassy, sweet, and slightly minty.

Each bundle is different: they contain a variety of herbs in different combinations.

Motherwort has been traditionally smoked to aid in astral projectioning. It helps to carry your spirit to new heights. 

Mugwort connects us to the healing energy of the moon and the Divine Feminine.

Mexican Tarragon is a traditional ceremonial herb in the Southwest. 

Spearmint is at once stimulating and relaxing and lends a minty flavor that complements the tarragon.

Mullein is soothing to your mucous membranes and supportive of overall lung health. 

Sweet Annie


Western Mugwort


European Pennyroyal

Exact shapes and sizes vary. Average size is 8-10 inches long. 

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We have crafted this smudge stick with loving intention in a peaceful environment.