Herbs for Aches & Pains - Daytime Class

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Herbs for Aches & Pains - Daytime Class

from 30.00

This is the fourth class in series “Practical Herbalism: Remedies and Techniques for Everyday Wellness.”

In this class we will learn how to use herbs to support our musculoskeletal system through the wear and tear of life. We will study herbs for muscle healing, joint and bone health, and preventative wellness. We will explore tissue repair and muscle pain. We learn about herbal oils and each student will craft an herbal oil to take home.

The Daytime Series is held on Tuesday mornings from 10am-12pm.

Classes in the Series:

June 19: The Tenets of Herbalism

June 20: Herbs for Reproductive Care

June 26: Herbs for Immune Support

June 27: Herbs for Aches & Pains

July 3: Herbs for Detoxification

July 16: Herbal First Aid & Skin Care

July 17: Herbs for Stress & Anxiety *Monday class

July 24: Herbs for Self-Care

The series is designed so that each class builds on the skills learned in the previous classes. You can also take the classes a la carte. There is a discount for signing up for the entire series.

This class is offered on a sliding scale: $30-$50

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This class will be held in the Apothecary Garden and the kitchen of The Farm Cooking School. Both are located at the top of the property. Continue straight up the drive and wind all the way up the hill until you reach the gravel parking lot beside the market building. Park in the parking lot, and enter the red building. 

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for being in the garden and harvesting herbs.