The First Slant of Light: Potions & Practices for Imbolc Season Online Course

The First Slant of Light: Potions & Practices for Imbolc Season Online Course


Imbolc is the seasonal holiday that falls between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It is a time to call forth the returning sun, both without and within. At Imbolc, we feel the first stirrings of spring, though we might not yet see them. 

This is a time to honor the stirrings in ourselves, to return to movement after our winter’s rest. It is a time to celebrate the return of light, and to stoke the fire within us as we look ahead to the coming season. 

I invite you to join me for a seasonal lighting of your inner fire. I will share with you my favorite practices for this time of year. We’ll tap into journalling, goal-setting, and working ritually with herbs. We will explore herbs that particularly resonate with the Imbolc, and you will learn to make Ritual Bath Potions to guide you through this magical season. 

The course contains:

  • 7 practices to guide you in stoking your inner fire

  • 3 herbal potions, with recipes, tips, and ideas

  • 3 magical herbs to guide you on your journey

You will learn:

  • How to kindle your inner fire at this time of year

  • Practices for ritual bathing

  • How to make an Imbolc Altar

  • How to make an herbal bath infusion

  • How to make herbal bath salts

  • Three beautiful herbs to work with at Imbolc

  • And much more!

This course contains both a downloadable PDF and an audio file. 

When you purchase the course, you will receive the PDF. The PDF contains instructions to access the audio file on page 2. The audio file is 30 minutes long. 

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When you purchase this course, you will receive a PDF. You have 24 hours to download the PDF. Page 2 of the PDF contains instructions on how to access the audio file. Enjoy!