Take Heart Flower Essence Blend

Organic Flower Essence Blend | Online Herbal Wellness
Organic Flower Essence Blend | Online Herbal Wellness

Take Heart Flower Essence Blend


Grief is a pain like no other. It can feel like a void in our hearts that we can't imagine how to fill or repair. This flower essence helps you to face the journey of grief with courage. It helps you to bring your bravest self into the present moment, to lean in to your feelings and summon the healing that only your own heart can provide. 

Flower essences work at the level of subtle vibrational healing.

Borage is your strongest ally when facing loss. Borage reminds you of how strong you truly are.

Honeysuckle is helpful when you're overcome with nostalgia and sadness, thinking that the past was better and the future will not be as good. 

Sweet Chestnut supports you when your soul is in deep despair and you feel that you cannot go on any longer. 

CONTAINS: Pure water, Flower Essences of borage, honeysuckle, sweet chestnut; brandy as a preservative. 

1 ounce.

TO USE: Take 4 drops 4 times a day, or as needed. You can put the drops under your tongue or add them to tea or water. 

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This flower essence was crafted with care in a peaceful environment and infused with reiki.

The borage flower essence was made at Locust Light Farm.

The sweet chestnut and honeysuckle essences are from the Flower Essence Society.