Smoking Herbs -- How, What, and Why

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Smoking Herbs -- How, What, and Why

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Smoking herbs is a true joy & pleasure. It is a powerful way of connecting with plants, the spirit world, and the people around you.

In this class we will explore the magical & practical realms of smoking herbs. Together we will sample a variety of herbs as we discuss different ways to smoke and different ways to incorporate smoking into your personal practice or life.

We will explore:

  • Working with pipes: how to select one, care for it, pack it, and smoke it

  • Working with rolling papers: how to roll an herbal cigarette

  • How to smoke: to inhale or to not inhale?

  • The safety of smoking herbs and the interaction between smoke & the respiratory system

  • A wide range of smokeable herbs, which we will smoke together as we note their effects on our bodies & spirits (this is the fun part!)

  • Ways of incorporating smoking into a ceremony, ritual, or simply into your life

Each participant will craft their own herbal smoking blend to bring home.

Monday, Jan. 21st, 7:00-9:00pm

Sliding scale: $35-$45


As we cannot smoke inside, we will be moving indoors & outdoors throughout the evening. It may be chilly, so dress warmly! I, of course, will have hot bevs to warm us up.

I will have a variety of pipes that will be passed around for smoking. You are welcome to bring your own pipe if you prefer not to share.

You are welcome to come to the class and not smoke! If you are curious but don’t want to smoke, that’s totally fine! The herbs we’re working with can also be burned or used as tea.

We will NOT be working with cannabis or tobacco, nor will I be teaching about cannabis or tobacco. I am not an expert in these plants and do not have much to offer on these subjects.

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These classes are held in the kitchen of The Farm Cooking School. To get to the school, wind your way all the way up to the top of the property, following signs for "The Farm Cooking School." Park in the lot beside the building and enter through the white door with the ramp.

Depending on the weather and time of year, classes involve time in the Apothecary Garden, located near the school.


We are so excited when you sign up for a class! Please sign up for a class at least 8 hours prior to the start of class so that we can be prepared for the proper number of people. If you sign up within fewer than 8 hours of the start of the class, please text or call Amanda to confirm. Note: Social media messages are not a reliable way of contacting Amanda. If you need to cancel, please cancel at least 8 hours before start of the class via email, call, or text. If you cancel fewer than 8 hours before the start of the class, or simply do not attend the class, we cannot refund your class payment.