SMOKE: the comprehensive guide to crafting magical ritual through smoking herbs

SMOKE: the comprehensive guide to crafting magical ritual through smoking herbs


Smoking is an ancient ritual, a powerful act that connects us with the spirit world, the plant world, and ourselves. Smoking herbs can bring magic, deliciousness, and transcendence into your life.

But where to start? Maybe you already have a smoking routine, and you’d like to mix it up but you don’t know which herbs are safe to smoke. Or you want to smoke herbs, but you don’t even own a pipe.

In this in-depth course, you will learn all aspects of smoking, from how to pack a pipe to which herbs you can smoke. We explore:

  • The physical experience of smoking & effects on our bodies

  • The craft of smoking:

    • How to pack a pipe, and clean and care for it

    • How to roll a cigarette

    • DIY herbal vape liquid

    • To inhale or not inhale?

  • How to enjoy “smoking herbs” without actually smoking

  • Why smoking is so intimate, powerful, and transcendent

  • The power of ritual & why smoking is such a potent ritual

  • How to craft magical ritual for yourself

  • How to meet plants on an energetic level


    • Personalities & energetic characteristics

    • Flavor, texture, and how to blend them

  • How to harvest, dry, and store smoking herbs

  • How to include smoking in group circles or ceremonies

You will receive:

A 60-page PDF file

Two hours’ worth of audio files

What this course DOES NOT cover:

  • Tobacco or cannabis

  • Quitting smoking

  • Anything illegal

Are you ready for a ritual that can change your life?

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