Natural Plant Dyeing Workshop with Lori Ball

Natural Plant Dyeing Workshop with Lori Ball

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Join us as we craft beautiful dyes from local plants!

Our plant friends give us so much every day: they clean and clear the air, offer us medicine, nourishment, as well as abundant pleasure, joy, and beauty! Their richness and gifts are also a healing source of color -- with a little coaxing and preparation, they provide a palette from which we can turn to for inspiration and art.

Tap into the magical experience of botanical dye-ing in this 3 hour workshop.

Together we will:

  • learn how and where to uncover plants for creating color

  • prepare fibers for color-fast dyeing

  • whip up a dye-bath

  • craft beautiful prayer flags to take home

This class is for anyone who is curious about color, fiber friends who would like to learn how to create their own color palette, and plant lovers who enjoy finding new ways to cultivate. It's also just a great fun way to spend some time outside getting creative.

Saturday, October 5th, 12:00-3:00pm

This class is offered on a sliding scale: $40-$50

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About Lori Ball

Lori is a maker, gardener, writer and environmentalist. Lori discovered the inspiration that came with natural dyeing a few years ago alongside her growing interest in knitting and sewing. What she found was that it offered up a new way of looking at the landscape entirely, in the garden, along the roadside, everywhere! Always looking for opportunities to think in harmony with the natural world, dyeing with plants became another way to slow down and create alongside our plant friends. Lori is also a mama, wife, and brain injury survivor. She has written on topics of wellness, landscape design, yoga and environment. Sheholds degrees in English Literature, Environmental Science, and Landscape Architecture and Design.


This class is held in the Apothecary Garden. To get to the school, wind your way all the way up to the top of the property, following signs for the cooking school and farm market. Park in the lot beside the building and walk straight back past the high tunnels.


We are so excited when you sign up for a class! Please sign up for a class at least 8 hours prior to the start of class so that we can be prepared for the proper number of people. If you sign up within fewer than 8 hours of the start of the class, please text or call Amanda to confirm. Note: Social media messages are not a reliable way of contacting Amanda. If you need to cancel, please cancel at least 8 hours before start of the class via email, call, or text. If you cancel fewer than 8 hours before the start of the class, or simply do not attend the class, we cannot refund your class payment.

Pre-registration is required. Please register at least 8 hrs in advance.