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Lingam Love Oil


A personal massage oil to warm and relax your body while connecting you to your Divine Masculine self. This oil is just spicy enough to be warming yet gentle enough for delicate areas. The fragrance is stimulating and heart-opening.

This oil features a blend of flower essences and essential oils to support your personal journey for connection. 

CONTAINS: Extractives of cayenne and lavender; organic canola oil; Flower Essences of Queen Anne's Lace, Sunflower, Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan) and Calendula; Essential Oils of Ginger, Rose Geranium, and Cypress

Queen Anne's Lace helps us to connect the psycho-spiritual aspect of our sexuality with the physical aspect of our sexuality. It supports us when we're experiencing imbalance in our sexuality; specifically, it helps us to view ourselves objectively.

Sunflower highlights our yang, solar, or Divine Masculine aspects. It supports us in expressing these aspects with a healthy, balanced strength, letting our core radiate outward.

Rudbeckia encourages us to accept all aspects of ourself and guides us in working through patterns of repression and the trauma that can follow.

Calendula supports us by encouraging listening and receptivity in communication.

Indulge your sensuality. Embrace pleasure. Love your Lingam.

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The Queen Anne's Lace, Sunflower, and Rudbeckia flower essences were made at Locust Light Farm.

The Calendula flower essence was made by Grounded Holistic Wellness. 

This oil was produced in a small batch with love, care, and intention. It has been infused with reiki.

Not compatible with latex.