Grace Yourself Flower Essence

Grace Yourself Flower Essence


We can't avoid stressful situations, but we can use tools to help us deal with them. Grace Yourself Flower Essence is like an energetic shield: it helps you to establish healthy boundaries when in a toxic environment and reminds you to care for yourself first.

This flower essence blend works at the level of subtle vibrational healing.

Pink Yarrow helps to develop a strong sense of self, a knowledge that you are whole, that you don't need to give more than you can so that others will accept you. It helps you to be open while still being safe.

White Yarrow is helpful for people who are highly sensitive. It forms a protective shield around your energy body. It is a strong ally for a toxic environment such as a workplace or stressful gathering.

Hydrangea is helpful when your energies are scattered -- it helps to bring them back into your energy field, thus focusing and calming your mind.

Sunflower brings to the fore your yang, solar, assertive self. It encourages your inner boldness, the healthy aspect of the ego that pushes you to stick up for yourself. 

CONTAINS: Pure water, Flower essences of pink yarrow, white, yarrow, hydrangea, and sunflower; brandy as a preservative.

1 ounce.

TO USE: Take 4 drops as needed. You can put the drops under your tongue or add them to a little water or tea. 

GREAT FOR: The workplace, family gatherings, holiday parties you don't want to be at, a difficult conversation, breaking up with someone, when you have to negotiate the price of a car, calling your health insurance company, etc.

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This flower essence was crafted with care in a peaceful environment and infused with reiki.

The sunflower flower essence was made at Locust Light Farm.

The pink yarrow and hydrangea essences were made by Grounded Holistic Wellness.

The white yarrow essence is from the Flower Essence Society.