Love Thyself Self-Care Facial Spray

Love Thyself Self-Care Facial Spray


Sometimes we need a little extra support when we’re working on accepting ourselves, embracing self-love, or prioritizing our growth.

Self-love is a journey, often a long one, and plants can help quite a bit along the way.

Love Thyself is a spray to support you as you open to yourself, grow through challenges, and stay focused on your intentions.

Love Thyself contains flower essences and essential oils to support you on your journey.

Rose helps you to open your heart toward yourself. She invites us to connect with our inner selves as well as our sacred sexuality. Rose is also comforting as we work through past traumas and losses.

Lady’s Mantle wraps us in her cloak of protection as we open up in vulnerability. She is very supportive for working through sexual or creative trauma.

Red Clover nourishes your spirit as you commit to the daily practice of self-love and growth. She grounds us in our values and our mission, helping us to look forward to the future.

Queen Anne’s Lace helps to connect our second and seventh chakras, our sexual/creative selves with our spiritual selves. She shines the Light of the heavens through our entire being.

CONTAINS: Pure water, Flower essences of Rose, Lady’s Mantle, Red Clover, and Queen Anne’s Lace; Essential Oils of Rose Geranium, Eucalyptus, Orange, Lemon, and Lavender.

4 ounces.

TO USE: Spray liberally over face and heart.

GREAT FOR: Setting intentions, daily mindfulness moments, self-love rituals, connecting with your sacred sexuality, bath time, etc.  

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This spray was crafted with care in a peaceful environment and infused with reiki.

The rose, lady’s mantle, Queen Anne’s lace, and red clover flower essences were made at Locust Light Farm.

Note: The Grace Yourself Spray is pictured because Love Thyself is brand new!