Bev Master Course

Bev Master Course


This 7-class course will have you crafting drinks like a pro!

Medicine should taste good. In fact, it should be delicious. So delicious that drinking your medicine becomes the most exciting part of your day.

The Bev Master Course will take you on a journey of flavor and medicine. You will learn techniques for making bevs, the medicine of flavor, and the healing qualities of the herbs we’ll use.

In this course, herbalism meets mixology meets healing teas and treats. It all come together.

In each class you will learn the recipe, techniques, and medicine of one highly complex bev. You will be served the bev upon arrival. We will then sit down and learn all about it, then move to the kitchen to craft it together.

Some bevs will be cocktails (or mocktails), some will be teas, some will be simply delicious and unique. Each will be highly complex, involving intricate steps and advanced techniques.

In this 7-class course, you will:

  • Learn the medicine of the 10 tastes

  • Explore the healing properties of 30+ herbs

  • Become proficient at a variety of techniques

  • Craft liqueurs, syrups, decoctions, oxymels, shrubs, and so much more

When: Monday nights, 7-9pm

October 7th-November 25th*

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*The course does not meet on October 28th. We have another very special class that night.

Classes are located in the kitchen of The Farm Cooking School: 67 Pleasant Valley Rd, Titusville, NJ 08560.


What if I have dietary restrictions? Will the course accommodate that?

When you register for the course you will be prompted to fill out a form telling me everything that you don’t eat. This will allow me to prepare and accommodate any dietary restrictions that you have.

What if I don’t drink alcohol?

Some of the bevs we make will use alcohol, and some will not. However, ALL of the bevs can be made without alcohol. When you register, you will fill out a form letting me know your dietary restrictions. Let me know that you don’t use alcohol, and I will have alcohol-free options at every class. Please know, though, that others in the class will be drinking cocktails, so if you’re not comfortable with that this may not be a good environment for you.

Do I have to sign up for the whole series?

Yep, you do. There are lots of reasons for this. Just trust me.

Will there be a party at the end?

um YES THERE WILL BE! The last class will be a party. You’ll get to bring a guest, and you’ll bring a special bev designed and crafted by YOU. We’ll have a friendly competition and award prizes for most unique, most surprising, etc.

What if I don’t like one of the bevs?

My hope is that you’re attending this class in the spirit of expanding your palate and your understanding of flavor. You may not like all the flavors, but I expect that you’ll be open-minded and give everything a try.

Will I know what the bevs are ahead of time?

Nope. I’ll be keeping each bev a secret, to be revealed each week.

Will I be making something to take home?

We’ll be crafting & enjoying everything that we make in class.