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RItual can change your life.

When we mindfully create a moment to step out of the mundane and into the sacred, we create space for healing and transformation.

Seasonal ritual can help us feel stability as we move through the cycle of the year. Taking a moment to pause, reflect, and set intentions for the season ahead can help you to work through life events and move ahead with a sense of purpose and empowerment.


Rituals on the Farm

We host seasonal circles to celebrate each of the eight seasonal holidays (solstices, equinoxes, beltane, etc.)

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Beltane Circle

At Beltane, the Light is pulling us out of our selves.

We are entering full summer, the time of output, manifesting, creating. The time that it feels like everything else is leading toward. All those intentions we set back in winter? Now’s the time to birth them into the world, set out leaves to collect the sunlight so that we can bloom.

We invite you to sit with us in Sacred Circle to honor this shift and prepare ourselves for the new season. Our evening will involve shamanic journeying, drumming and rattling, a reflection on the spring past and a looking ahead to the summer.

UPDATE: The Beltane Circle is filled. We keep the circles small and intimate. Check back soon to register for our Summer Solstice circle!

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The Great Unfurling.png

The Great Unfurling

At Spring Equinox, we are poised in the Balance between Dark and Light.

Light is increasing, and the new season of growing is upon us. The earth's energy, which has been spiraling inward since the Autumnal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) begins to spiral outward. Our energy follows suit.

At Spring Equinox, we begin to open to the world around us. Our energy extends in curiosity to the changes that have occurred while we were hibernating. We begin to Unfurl.

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Smoking is an ancient ritual, a powerful act that connects us with the spirit world, the plant world, and ourselves. Smoking herbs can bring magic, deliciousness, and transcendence into your life.

But where to start? Maybe you already have a smoking routine, and you’d like to mix it up but you don’t know which herbs are safe to smoke. Or you want to smoke herbs, but you don’t even own a pipe.

In this in-depth course, you will learn all aspects of smoking, from how to pack a pipe to which herbs you can smoke.

Ritual designed just for you

Amanda is a licensed minister and greatly enjoys guiding people through life’s transitions. If you are looking for someone to guide you through a wedding or union ceremony, a release, a healing, or a transition to a new phase, please reach out.