Making Plant Magic: An Introduction

An allium blooming in the darkness

An allium blooming in the darkness


Plants are so eager to connect.

They are our allies and friends, here to help us when we need them. So often, all we have to do is ask, and the plants are right there, getting us what we need.

But how do we ask?

The first, most important key to working with plants is empathy.  We must approach plants with the mindset of an empathetic friend. Over the past few hundred years, many cultures, including the one I'm a part of, have shifted from empathetic connection with plants to a colonizer mindset of taking. People ask "What can it do for me?" Instead of "Who is this?"

Plants are living beings, with their own needs and wants. They have an agenda in this world, just like you do. It is important, when working with plants, to acknowledge their agency and their agenda. 

Also remember that plants communicate best with us in the "otherworld," the place removed from the material world. It can be helpful to get yourself into a meditative, trance, or journeying state before reaching out to a plant. If you've never done this before, allow yourself to relax, and limit distractions.

How to connect with a plant

1. Drop into your heart center.

Move your consciousness out of your brain and into your heart. The easiest way to do that is by cultivating a feeling of gratitude in your heart. Dwell on something that makes you feel grateful, and allow that feeling to expand, filling your aura. Take at least 5 deep breaths in this state. 

2. Merge with the plant.

From your heart center, imagine the plant. It can be any plant that you have a relationship with, whether it's the tree near your bus stop or the rose bush from your childhood home. 

In your heart's eye, step closer to the plant. Examine every nook and aspect of it. How does it smell? What is the air like around it? Look closer and closer until you fall INTO the plant.

Your consciousness is now within the body of the plant. You feel yourself extending through the stem, down into the roots, out to the leaves and flowers. Linger here. Experience life as this plant. What is it like to be in this spot? What concerns might the plant have about its environment? How does it feel in this season?

3. Make an offering.

You are now deeply empathizing with the plant. From this place of empathy, ask the plant what it desires. What are its worries, its goals? What does it need? What can you give it? What can you do for the plant? What offering do you bring? 

Truly listen to what the plant tells you, and commit to following through. This is a mutual exchange. 

4. State your case.

Tell the plant why you've come. What are you seeking? Advice? Wisdom? Healing? Help in the material world? Tell the plant why you're seeking this -- how does it fit in to the larger picture of who you are in the world? Will attaining this help you to forward the plant's goals in any way? Make your plea with kindness and humility. 

5. Thank the plant.

Draw up that feeling of gratitude again, and send it to the plant. Thank the plant for all it does for you, and your fellow humans, and the land that it's on. Acknowledge the work it does to exist, and thank it.

6. Exit the plant.

Leave the body of the plant through the same way that you entered. Look at the plant again from the outside. Bring your awareness back into your own body. Open your eyes, and return. 

7. Trust the plant.

Know that plants have domain over so much of the world. They can make anything happen. You do not need to know how they will make it happen, or when. You just need to trust that they will.